David Gordon Fried: Why You Should Go to Museums More Often

If everyone visited museums more often, then everyone would be kinder. This is a personal belief of David Gordon Fried. As a regular visitor of both New York’s biggest and most humble museums, he finds these public spaces sacred to the community wherein they are found. Not only do museums provide different cultural perspectives and plenty of educational experiences to visitors, but they are also free places where anyone can get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

David believes the future of education has plenty of room for museums, particularly those that are interactive by design. Sitting down in a classroom is no longer the only time or venue when learning occurs. In galleries and open spaces where people can freely discuss among each other, David Gordon Fried believes that young students will be able to better absorb lessons. The same holds true for adults. The event planner explains that for professionals like himself, museums offer him a rare chance to go inward and connect with subjects in-depth. Since many of New York’s museums are home to the greatest and most prized pieces of art, David thinks they are the best places for reflection and finding inspiration.

Aside from the opportunity museums provide visitors to spend time with their family and friends, there is another reason why we must continue going to museums. David Gordon Fried explains that museums cannot keep its doors open without the support and generosity of the community. This is why, he says, if you’re unable to give a monetary donation, the next best thing is to show up. Visit the museum close to you and show your support. Attend its programs, go to the exhibits, and ask questions. It’s a priceless opportunity to connect with others, as well as the past that museums try so hard to preserve within its walls.