Event Planning

David Gordon Fried: Event Planning

So you want to be an event planner? Then you’ve come to the right place. David Gordon Fried is an accomplished event planner in New York who aims to give aspiring event planners a head start in their respective careers through this website.

Contrary to popular belief, an event planner is more than a liaison between clients and suppliers and everyone else working on the event. David clarifies that an event planner functions more like a producer. The event planner knows the best person to contact to get what resource is needed for the event. Like what the name of the role suggests, the event planner’s primary job is to plan everything beforehand with the client and the team. Once the event starts and is in full swing, David Gordon Fried explains the responsibility then falls in the hands of the event manager. It’s the event manager who ensures everything down to the last detail goes according to plan.

David Gordon Fried Event Planner from David Gordon Fried on Vimeo.


As the folks in charge right at the beginning, event planners may lead and dictate the pace for the entire team. Often, they are expected to carry out multiple roles, wearing several hats all at once to meet the client’s objectives. David shares they work as a creative consultant, project manager, and negotiator all at once. Of course, the work of an event planner is a client-facing role as well, so one must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

David Gordon Fried believes that anyone can get into the field. However, the requirements of success are different. Aside from the skill set mentioned above, one must also be organized, especially since event planners are forced to multi-task as they go along. With that, good judgment and the ability to prioritize tasks well are also essential to succeed in this line of work.