David Gordon Fried Tips on Finding the Right Wedding Venue

3 Key Steps to Finding the Right Wedding Venue by David Gordon Fried

For event and wedding planner David Gordon Fried, one of the most difficult decisions that couples need to make regarding their wedding is where to hold it. Often, he says, couples come to a standstill when deciding where to hold the ceremony and the reception. And usually, the indecision or delay in deciding boils down to looking for a venue first before anything else. To make the decision-making process easier, David Gordon Fried advises that you put off your search for the perfect venue until you’ve decided on other key factors.

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Here he shares his three key steps to finding the perfect wedding venue.

1. Decide on the date, time and location

Couples need to first set a date to set things in motion. A weekend wedding in June is generally more expensive than a weekend wedding in March as June is “wedding season.” As a rule of thumb, avoid having your wedding in spring and fall if you are working with a very tight budget. Winter months, from January to March are off-peak months for most wedding venues.

You also must decide on the location of your wedding. If it’s a destination wedding, you would be spending more, says David Gordon Fried; because you must factor in additional costs like flying your guests in, booking their accommodations, and taking care of their entertainment during their stay.

2. Decide on a theme

Your wedding theme will help narrow down your search; or at least, help you focus on venues that fit your theme. For instance, if it’s an indoor, traditional wedding that you want, you can look at churches that are close to a hotel. If it’s an outdoor wedding, you can check out hotels with beautiful gardens or courtyards, shares David Gordon Fried. Your theme will also give you an idea of your wedding attire and what you wish your guests to wear—both of which can also help you with your search for the perfect wedding venue.

3. Number of guests

For this, you will need to draft an initial list, and then review and revise it as necessary. Often, couples find it more difficult to come up with a list for an intimate wedding than one where 100 or 200 guests can be invited. The difficulty lies in not wanting to make anyone feel left out, says David Gordon Fried. But David advises couples to avoid the “guilt trip” and simply invite those that they truly wish to share their special day with.

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Once you’ve decided on these three factors, it’s time to start the search. Check the internet for wedding venues and research on previous works of professional wedding photographers that have covered the wedding venues on your list. Most wedding venues have “staged” photographs on their sites. A photographer’s work can give you a better idea about the venue as these are more “raw.”


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