David Gordon Fried: Sweet 16 Themes to Try

David Gordon Fried: Top 4 Themes for Your Sweet 16

David Gordon Fried believes that every teenage girl looks forward to the day she turns 16. Whether it means late nights and longer curfews from mom and dad, being given more independence, or simply just being allowed to legally drive a car, a girl’s 16th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating with an unforgettable party. Here are some fun and creative Sweet 16 themes by seasoned event planner David Gordon Fried:

1. Red Carpet – Strut down the red carpet and strike your most glamorous pose! The Red Carpet theme may seem cliché, but there’s a reason why girls still go for it. Fun, exciting, and easy to pull off, this theme comes together in an infinite number of ways. David says there are many Hollywood elements girls can choose from to create a Red Carpet atmosphere such as a film reel, red velvet ropes, vintage cameras, gilded stars, chandeliers, gold accents, and of course, a red carpet!

2. Fairytale – Another theme jeered for being cliché but will stubbornly stand the test of time is Fairytale. David understands why parents still stick to this for their daughter’s coming-of-age party — they will always think of their little girl as their princess. The Fairytale theme however can be given a modern twist by getting Prince Charming out of the picture. This is a refreshing take on what it means to be a Sweet 16 celebrator today: that a young woman can come out to society and thrive without a man beside her.

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3. Flamingo – Flamingo-themed parties burst into the scene recently and David Gordon Fried knows exactly how to transpose that for a lovely young lady’s Sweet 16. Truth be told, he says anything pretty and pink can pass for the decorations. The key is to be consistent, from the party invitations and dinner napkins, to the candles and party favors. Fortunately, there are many flamingo-themed decorations and accessories available on the internet, which should make planning a cinch. He says a flamingo-themed party is great for young ladies whose birthdays fall in early summer — it’s a fantastic way to enjoy the spirit of the season.

4. Boho – The Boho princess is a nod to the flower child who does things her own way. What was once thought of as strange and eccentric is now chic and classy, sporting long hair in braids, and wearing bell sleeves and tasseled earrings. David Gordon Fried loves this theme because of how laid back it is, a stark contrast to the stiff formalities of traditional Sweet 16 parties. Young girls can wear maxi dresses and accessories to their heart’s content. This is a theme that is free of pretensions and allows the debutante to really enjoy her day.

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