David Gordon Fried Creative Ways to Spice-up Corporate Events

3 Fun and Creative Ways to Spice-up Corporate Events by David Gordon Fried

For event planner David Gordon Fried, corporate events are the perfect venue for getting to know co-workers from other departments. They also make for the ideal venue for building stronger relationships within the organization. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often wasted because corporate events tend to be stiff, strict, and formal. Here, David Gordon Fried shares a few tips on making corporate events more fun, engaging and exciting for all attendees, whether it’s a year-end party or a product launch.

David Gordon Fried Corporate Event
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Spice-up Your Corporate Events with These Three Tips

1. Play an “insider” trivia game – First, prepare a list of trivia questions for the event. You can base your questions on things that only employees know like the favorite expression of the CEO or the funny mannerism of a colleague, and things of this nature. The point is to “have fun” and not “poke fun” so make sure to keep this in mind when crafting your questions, advises David Gordon Fried. It would be best to group attendees in a way that will help them get to know colleagues from other departments. Usually, teams for games at corporate events are per department, which means you’ll have the same people working together at the office on the same team. For the game, break up the department and create your groups with one representative for each department.

Also, David suggests that you play the game at the start of the event to break the ice—loosen everyone up to get more psyched for the party.

2. Take it outside – For a corporate event that aims to reward employees for their hard work, David Gordon Fried recommends that you plan an outdoor party for them. You can have a barbecue or picnic, have an apple-bobbing contest (or other outdoor games), and even a cooking contest. You could also include a live show from a local band, or a show put together by some of your employees. Another idea would be to hire local food vendors and have them set up booths in the area where employees can get food for free.

3. Fun and philanthropy in one – For this, you will need to choose a local charity or coordinate with your local community center. Hold an event for the underprivileged children in your community. This can be an outdoor event like the one mentioned above, recreational sports, or a children’s party complete with clowns, magicians, photo booths, animal balloons, and loot bags. Holding such an event not only benefits the kids, says David Gordon Fried; it benefits your employees as well. Doing charitable work together can build a stronger bond among your employees, and studies show that altruism increases the giver’s level of happiness and has a significant impact on overall well-being.

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