David Gordon Fried: Best Museums in New York for History Lovers

David Gordon Fried: Top 4 Museums in New York for History Buffs

When you mention New York, different things come to mind to different people. For instance, foodies may imagine pastrami and thin crust pizzas, while fashionistas might recall the latest collections from New York Fashion Week. It’s the same for history buffs. While David Gordon Fried doesn’t consider himself as one, he’s sure these four museums come to mind to the history lover:

1. American Museum of National History – The American Museum of National History is large enough to keep you preoccupied for days. David shares this famous museum in New York is the same museum that was featured in the movie “Night at the Museum” that starred Ben Stiller. With dozens of dioramas and interactive exhibits, parents can bring their children to learn more about dinosaurs, mummies, and other wonders of the universe. The lines to the museum can get long later in the day so David Gordon Fried suggests coming early. His favorite display in the museum is the massive blue whale hanging from the ceiling. All kinds of tourists should visit, not just history buffs.

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2. New-York Historical Society Museum & Library – Located across Central Park, the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library is the first ever museum in New York. It features a wide range of themes, from the Vietnam War and the Revolutionary War, to JFK and Abraham Lincoln and the women’s suffrage movement. David Gordon Fried highly recommends setting aside a day or two to visit this museum. The exhibits are well-organized and curated, and the building where the museum is located is designed in a beautiful Roman Eclectic style worth snapping a photo of.

3. Museum of the City of New York – While not as grand as other museums in the city, Museum of the City of New York nonetheless has a few gems David Gordon Fried finds worthwhile. He suggests skipping the permanent collection and heading first to the Roz Chast exhibit. History buffs native to New York may be familiar with Chast’s art, or to be more specific, cartoons. Her work has been prominently featured in The New Yorker for more than three decades. Fun, witty, and intelligent, parents and their children alike will surely enjoy this special exhibit.

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4. Merchant’s House Museum – David loves museums that take him a step back in time, which the Merchant’s House Museum exactly does. Amidst the rush of living in a highly urbanized city such as New York, it’s hard to imagine what 19th century New York might have looked like. The Merchant’s House Museum gives a rare and authentic glimpse of that, complete with period fixtures and other decorative elements for you to ruminate over. The house itself is a local treasure, having been built in 1832. It remains as one of the oldest houses in New York.


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