David Gordon Fried

David Gordon Fried is an event planner who currently resides in New York. Prior to becoming a generalist in the industry, he specialized in weddings, or wedding planning, acting as head wedding coordinator for many of New York’s affluent couples. A lover and regular patron of museums, David finds inspiration walking down the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In fact, the art museum is one of his favorites among all that is in New York.

As an event planner, David Gordon Fried constantly feels the pressure to come up with new ideas to present to clients. This is why he’s become more and more of a museum enthusiast over the years. Being surrounded by the works of such creative and brilliant minds motivates him and lends him new perspectives about how to go about his work. Next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, David spends some of his free time at the New York Public Library, where he sifts through old art catalogues and coffee books.

As a frequent visitor of museums, not just in New York, but whichever city he finds himself jet-setting to, David Gordon Fried has always considered these trips as a kind of meditation. He finds peace gazing at the masterpieces of others, and is always surprised by how fast time flies when he’s in a museum. In a past life, David thinks he could have been a sculptor like Michelangelo or a painter like Rembrandt.

When David isn’t busy running around all over New York, talking to suppliers, meeting with clients, and closing deals, he can be found in Central Park walking and spending time with his best friend, Baily, a golden retriever he adopted from a shelter. As a proud pet owner, he advocates for the compassionate care for animals, not just dogs.

David hopes you enjoy your stay at his blog.