David Gordon Fried: Best Museums in New York for History Lovers

admin / February 16, 2018

David Gordon Fried: Top 4 Museums in New York for History Buffs When you mention New York, different things come to mind to different people. For instance, foodies may imagine pastrami and thin crust pizzas, while fashionistas might recall the latest collections from New York Fashion Week. It’s the same for history buffs. While David Gordon Fried doesn’t consider himself as one, he’s sure these four museums come to mind…

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David Gordon Fried Creative Ways to Spice-up Corporate Events

admin / February 13, 2018

3 Fun and Creative Ways to Spice-up Corporate Events by David Gordon Fried For event planner David Gordon Fried, corporate events are the perfect venue for getting to know co-workers from other departments. They also make for the ideal venue for building stronger relationships within the organization. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often wasted because corporate events tend to be stiff, strict, and formal. Here, David Gordon Fried shares a few…

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