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An established event planner in the Big Apple, David is excited to share his ideas and experiences on this blog.

Here’s what you can hope to expect from David:

About Page – Learn more about David Gordon Fried and his work as an event planner. Being in the Big Apple comes with its own perks and challenges. This page will also give you an idea of his hobbies, interests, and favorite things in the world. Hint: his furry, four-legged friends!

Event Planning Page – This page is for aspiring event planners. David shares tips and tricks, baring his secrets about what makes an event successful. Readers will also be given a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. By the end, they should get a good idea of the hard work and dedication event planners put in their job.

Museums Page – David spent many weekends growing up as a geeky teenager in New York’s beautiful museums. With so many things to do and things to see in the city, the first-time tourist may steer clear of a memorable museum visit for something else, which is a shame. Visit this page to read the perspective of a regular museum visitor on why museums are both such great and educational spaces worthy of our time.

Blog – Are you curious about the life of an event planner, especially one from New York? This blog covers everything about event planning, such as finding suppliers and finding the perfect venue. David Gordon Fried also talks about his favorite museums in New York and why you should go visit them too.

Be sure to check back for more updates as David works on his website. He has tons of surprises in store, pretty much what you’d expect from a master event planner.

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